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Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes and Adult Roleplaying Tips Sure to Thrill your Lover

Halloween is less than two weeks away so why not add a little black magic and a whole lot of sexy this Halloween season. We all need to play dress up every once in a while! Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy something different and get into character with these Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes.

So let me spill some of my sexy Halloween costume and adult role playing tips sure to thrill your lover.

Dress to thrill your lover with Lexi’s Top 3 Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes and Adult Role Playing Tips:

1)     Sexy Geisha Girl Halloween Costume

Don’t be fooled by the demure, introverted nature of Japanese culture. Things are not always as they seem. Ever heard of Japanese Rope Bondage? This is what happens when the tea ceremonies and flower arranging ends.  Not exactly a traditional practice, it promises to be equally as fulfilling as any other cultural experience.  I hear some men love the idea of an Asian hottie waiting on them hand and foot.  The idea of playing a subservient role can be quite sexy.  You can have tons of fun role playing with the HOT Asian 3pc Love you long time costume.

Hot Role Play Scenarios:

  • He can pretend to be a soldier visiting your “port” and looking for a fun night on the town until it’s time to go back to ship.
  • Tell him you’re gonna give him a tour of your “fortune nookie”!
  • Pretend you don’t speak any English and don’t take commands well :0
  • Give him a sexy body massage with sexy Kama Sutra oil.
  • Tie him to the bedposts with the Japanese Love Rope and then follow the bondage tactics for some hot Asian love!

Japanese Doll Sexy Halloween Costume

“ASexorize” your hot geisha costume with this parasol! Blue parasol

2)      Sexy Maid Halloween Costumes

Doing your chores will take on a whole new meaning with these  sexy “Maid for fun” costumes.

There’s no end to the fantasy and fun you can have with a sexy maid costume! You might be dressed to clean in this sexy getup, but you’ll end up dirtier than ever when your partner starts chasing you and that feather duster. This is my personal favorite and when I’m feeling like I want to be a bit extra naughty in the bedroom I break out my Ooh-La La costume. Did I mention this sexy get up comes complete with a black and white apron halter dress, matching thong, seductive neckband bowtie and feather tickler. Ooh la la wee wee!

5 pc Oooh La La Dress

Electric Fetish brings all your fantasies to reality.  When you’re feeling a little on the kinky side this Electric costume is the perfect fit. And is a complete uniform with gloves, handcuffs with keys and a police baton. Brings new light to the pat down!

This maid just loves to polish brass! Make his house calls more interesting! Being the upstairs maid means getting a little closer to “master,” polish his brass with this sexy number.

Hot role playing scenarios:

  • Dust his “desk” and he’ll want to fluff your “pillows.”
  • Pretend to be the “chamber maid” and get exclusive access to the “master” of the house.  You have to be ready to serve him in your sexy maid costume.
  • Speak in your own French language….Oooh la la, Wee Wee, Cest ci bon!
  • Pretend he is the Master of the house and the two of you will naughty play while the Mrs. is away :o

“ASEXorize”: This is perfect with our tickle n whip since the feather can double as a ‘duster.’

BONUS COSTUME: Sexy costume kit – French maid liquid latex fashions body paint:

Half the fun of latex is having your lover paint on a costume.  Liquid Latex is a mild smelling, ammonia-free medical grade latex body paint that is safe to use on every part of your body. It stays on long, comes off easy and won’t stick to skin or hair. Create a French Maid costume with as much or as little coverage as you want!

Sexy costume kit - french maid liquid latex fashions body paint

Is your man’s “broom” worn out?  You don’t need to know ‘WITCHCRAFT’ to get him back on track. The____________ is awesome and with a little help from you and “Palmela” he will be back on track, no HOCUS POCUS!


Not naughty enough? Want to spice it up a bit more? Demand sensual satisfaction in this popular super sexy black vinyl corset!  The Dark Mistress Vinyl Corset will make your slave pay attention to your every move. The shiny black vinyl pieces are laced together in the front, back, and on the sides. A matching vinyl g-string is included. Lace up the late night romance!

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Sexy – Leather-Look Bustier

Grace – Brocade Corset G-String Set

Shine – Rhinestone Accent Corset G-String Set

Peek A Boo Romper Leopard 2X

La bella rubber look


Why wait until Halloween to start your Sexy Holiday Costume Shopping?   Our online costume super store has what you are looking for.  Role play during this holiday season with these sexy costumes.

Naughty Mrs. Clause & Sexy Santa:

Our Halloween Super Store shop.vibratorreviewspot.com is your#1 source for affordable High Heels, Sexy Shoes, Lingerie, Latex Clothing, Leather Clothing, Vinyl Clothing, Club Wear, Halloween Costumes and Sexy Halloween Costumes!!!

Do you have a HOT role playing “story” you experienced while wearing a naughty Halloween costume you’d like to share it with us?? Please do so by commenting below!

Good Vibes,

Sexi Lexi

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