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5 Hot Tips for Sex to Drive Your Lover Crazy

Has your love life lost its spark? Are you stuck in a rut? And when it does happen, it often waits for weekends, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and for some of you even leap years!? Well tell yourself the waiting is over because here are 5 HOT Sex Tips sure to drive your lover crazy.

Don’t worry, whats happening to you is perfectly normal and happens to the best of us. Everyone hits a wall every now and then because routines are easy and comforting especially when couples stay together for months, years or decades.

These tips are So HOT, you may spark a flame in the bedroom this 4th of July! Or any day of the year…

1) Penis Pleasing (PP):

Ladies what better way to Kick off the 4th of July than with a good hum job, in which you put your lips around his testicles and hum The Star Spangle Banner ;) Blowjob, oral deed, Bj’s, giving head, going down, fellatio. Whatever you call it, men will do anything to get it. We all wish it came with instructions the first time you tried it. Did you know men dream about the female mouth more than the Vagina? They are both wet, warm and tight however, the mouth has a tongue that licks. You don’t even have to taste or swallow it (try it you might just like it). It’s all about technique, something we tend to ignore and often rush to get the dirty job done. Make eye contact, look at him seductively every now and then. If your mouth get’s dry, sip water or drizzle flavored lube on his penis, don’t rush make it a sexy production. Take his penis in and out of your mouth a few times, look at it and smile. Talk to him, tell him how good it feels and you get off doing this for him. Stroke with your hands when you start to get lock jaw and try using a penis gel, get’s him off in “60 seconds or less” and helps eliminate the gag reflex.

2) Explore Sexy Playthings:

Experiment with pillows, restraints, blindfolds, whips, swings, slings and discover that power exchange can be very empowering! Discover what turns you both on.Tie your lover to the bedpost with a restraint system. There’s nothing like experience the thrill of bondage and explore your deepest fetish fantasies. Take a whip with a tickler on one end, blindfold him then tickle his body then whip him. Talk dirty, get flirty, relax and role play a little. Try this hot sex tip and you both might find this to be the best night you’ve had in ages.

3) Get Off With Water Play:

Squeaky-clean fun and one of the most popular ways women learn to achieve their first orgasm is in the tub. What better place, to relax and release. Place your hips under warm water for clitoral stimulation, aim a jet of warm water from a handheld showerhead to tantalize your clitoris. Make a big splash with a Waterproof toy. A vibrator in the shower gives you reason to sing! The shower can provide an oasis of privacy especially if you have children it’s a discreet way to explore. If you’re a first timer experiment with one of the following waterproof toys: round vibrating sponge ball, bullets, G-Spot toy, massager, even a rubber duckie waterproof toy just to name a few!

Adds new meaning to rub a dub, dub!

One of the best reasons to love waterproof toys is the simplest: they’re easy to clean. If you hate high-maintenance toys and materials, a waterproof toy is perfect for you.

4. Get a little dirty:

If you knew there was a creative way to make sex extra stimulating, you would try it, right? Well, start thinking with your palate. Incorporating food into your sexual repertoire intensifies the experience and heightens the senses of smell and taste. There’s nothing more sensual than feeding your lover chocolate covered strawberries.

  • Email or text him with a picture of a dessert with the message “Dessert on me, 9 p.m.”
  • Dribble chocolate or butterscotch toppings on your lips, and give him a sweet kiss that’ll make him want to eat you up. So delish!
  • Set up a picnic in the bedroom with yummy finger foods like, berries, grapes and olives. Take turns blindfolding and hand-feeding each other.
  • For instant chills, have him trail a frozen Popsicle around your nipples nipples and belly and slide it along your inner thighs, then lick all over.

5. Location, Location, Location:

Getting tired of hearing the mattress springs..boing, boing, boing! Be bold, be daring, be mischievous. Think beyond the bedroom, start with home but get creative. Think of places you’ve never explored, the laundry room, the staircase, countertop, closet, deck or balcony and get ready for hotter sex. Men find it HOT when you’re comfy being naughty, so ladies let him see your wild side!

Sex in the great outdoors can be adventurous and erotic. Alfresco sex is neither for everyone nor every day. Choosing the right time and place is key. Erotic picnic, rooftop, sex on the beach, golf course, park and playground can be wild especially if you bring a multi-tasking waterproof flashlight/keychain/vibrator all in one, great for outdoor adventures. If you love backpacking, camping, rafting, or kayaking, there’s no reason to leave your B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend) at home.

Bonus Tip for Hot Sex:

Sex Positions: Sex is about more than changing positions; it’s about getting to know each other and taking pleasure in each others excitement. Here are a few good books that can point you in the right direction and get you on the fast track to many hours of position play….

Do you have a few techniques or HOT Tips for Sex of your own you would like to share?

Good Vibrations,


Sexpert Lexi B.

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4 Responses to “5 Hot Tips for Sex to Drive Your Lover Crazy”

  1. Brian Lee Belenski says:

    Finally one for the Guys!! All I had to see was PenisPleasure and I was in… Ladies make copies of this one!! Lol this review covered ALL areas of Fun Multi-Orgasmic sex… So I don’t Ever want to hear people say… “Sex to me is boring… Same old Same old… I don’t get off anymore” if people are not having Great… Fun.. Pleasurable… Multi-Orgasmic Sex after reading this Review… Than they are just Lazy and not trying… The More ANYONE puts into Sex… The MORE they will get out of it!!! #MakeTheEffort!!!

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  2. Angelise says:

    Love the image, Lexi! Another great round of tips here. Love the ending. You are so right. It’s not about changing positions but exploring each other and getting to know each others’ likes and dislikes. :)

    You had me cracking up with the Star Spangled Banner!

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  3. Angelise says:

    Awww, Brian. You are the best :) Angelise

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  4. Lexi B says:

    Ladies hit the print buttom and keep a copy of this “Penis Pleasing mini manual” handy… Brian has a good point ;) Thank you as always Brian for being our resident male sexpert in training!

    XoXoXo Lexi

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