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Editor’s Pick

  • Fun Factory Flexi Felix by Dr. Ruthie

  • Note: I really enjoy Dr. Ruthie’s reviews and also think she is absolutely adorable. I think this one is wonderful, especially as an anal review since she talks a lot about uses of anal beads as well as safety and the toy itself. There is also a written component to this review if you click on the link above.

Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

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25 Tips to Stronger Vibrator Orgasms

Recently, I wrote a post on reaching orgasm with a vibrator.  I had so much fun writing that post and had so many more ideas in my head on making sure you’re getting strong vibrator orgasms, that I decided to list 25 ways to get that orgasm you’ve always wanted using your vibrator.

Please comment below and let us know if:

a)  You’ve tried any of these

b) Would like to add another tip to the list

c) Have benefited from reading these tips

Enjoy those vibrator orgasms!

25 Tips to Stronger Vibrator Orgasms

  1. Relax completely
  2. Take your mind off stress (focus on the now)
  3. Take a hot bath to help you get in the mood and relax
  4. Have your favorite drink in the tub (Amaretto Sour and a vibe go oh so well together)
  5. Lube it up for frictionless hot vibrator play
  6. Run bath water on your clit but don’t cum
  7. Use orgasm gel or cream to intensify the orgasm
  8. Listen to slow jams, R&B, jazz or elevator music before you play
  9. Get a back massage before you play
  10. Fantasize about a special someone
  11. Dim the lights and light a candle
  12. Watch yourself in the mirror as you play with your vibe
  13. Record yourself playing with yourself
  14. Take pictures of your genitals (up close and total body)
  15. Take pictures of you inserting your vibrator into your “who ha”
  16. Practice giving head on your dildo or vibe
  17. Watch a hot instructional video like Midori’s Guide to Sensual Bondage while you play with yourself
  18. Tease yourself – prolong your orgasm keep on the edge for a while
  19. Play with your nipples until you are wet
  20. Ride your dildo on vibrator on an office chair or your couch
  21. Massage your coochie with the I Rub My Duckie first
  22. Use several toys in one session
  23. Vary the speed of vibration and gyration on your vibe
  24. Vary how you rub your clitoris (with your finger, fingers, a bullet, bunny ears or your significant other)
  25. Don’t stop after the first orgasm
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Reaching Orgasm with a Vibrator

So by now, you know we love vibrator play.  Many of you have asked for more “how to” information, so please enjoy the following 5 Tips to Reaching Orgasms with a Vibrator!

Vibrator Orgasms 101

Vibrator Orgasms are usually intense, especially for those who are newer to vibrator play!   The buzz on a clitoral toy like a bullet or even a 2 pronged (branch toy) like the Rabbit Pearl can usually make a female orgasm very quickly.

On the other hand there are many women and couples who are also new to vibrator play and don’t know where to start.   I will address both scenarios.

After all, there is a science to playing with vibrators that will allow you to be fully satisfied (wink).

Females can have 3 different types of orgasms.

1) Clitoral

2) Vaginal

3) G-Spot

Vibrators can work one of these, two of these, or all of these (these are those Rolls Royce Vibes like the Rabbit Pearl and the Rock Chick). Thank heaven!

Let’s focus on reaching a blended Clitoral/Vaginal orgasm with a vibe in this article and we’ll come back another time to give you tips on how to reach the G-Spot orgasm with your vibrator(s) in future articles (so be sure to subscribe and get updates by email on the top right of this blog).

Reaching Clitoral Orgasm with a Vibrator

Reaching clitoral orgasm with a vibe is very simple.   Simply rest any bullet or vibrating bunny ears (or other animal) on the clitoris.  Start off with low intensity (if you have speed setting control) and try and vary the pattern, length of time, and the motion around the clitoris.

The clitoris is super sensitive and will respond to touch very quickly.  If you’re new to vibe play, you’ll definitely want to be gentle and start off at the lowest speed setting offered by your vibe.  Test the waters.

Would you like it faster?  Gradually increase the speed/intensity of your vibrator as you feel is necessary.  If it feels like you are going to cum, lower the speed and stop playing with your clitoris.  Start inserting your fingers or (if you have a branch vibe) just insert the phallic part of your vibe and enjoy the extra sensitivity you will feel along your vaginal walls.

Now that your clitoris is engorged after all of the clitoral play, your vaginal walls will also become swollen, more sensitive to the touch, and moist.

If you’re more experienced, you’ll want to spice up your clitoral play with a nice female orgasm gel like Sliquid Organics, which will help sensitize your clitoris even more to the touch.

Reaching Vaginal Orgasm with a Vibrator

Out of the three orgasms, a vaginal orgasm is hardest to come by (yes a pun was intended).  It is easiest to facilitate this one by having constant clitoral stimulation and then also stimulating the vagina.  The more stimulated the clitoris is, the more wet your coochie will get.  Like with the clitoral orgasm, vary the speed, angle, intensity and alternate between vaginal only, clitoral only, and clitoral and vaginal play.

Of course there are many different types of vibes that will help you reach some erogenous zones more than others.  When you have a toy that hits all three orgasm zones (clitoral, vaginal, and G-spot) it is oh so powerful and a sweet experience.The main point is to experiment and use variation.   Variation is key to powerful orgasms!

Full Service Foreplay – For the VRS Guys

If you are using your vibrator with your significant other make sure that instead of resting the vibrator on the clitoris forever or inserting the dildo or vibrator in and out until your girl starts paying attention to that cobweb on the ceiling, make sure to also:

  • Fondle her hot spots while you buzz her with the vibe (not all women’s spots are the same)
  • Lick gently and lightly over her clitoris, nipples while you play
  • Tease her with the vibrator.  Pound her then slow it down like you’re driving Miss Daisy.
  • Give oral while you insert the vibrator, but don’t make her climax too fast
  • Tongue kiss her vagina fast and slow (but please focus on the clitoris)
  • Finger her.  One finger or four.  Explore.

Stop and start.  Explore all over for full service body foreplay!  Make sure that you take your time!

When you use toys together and keep it fresh with different foreplay techniques those are guaranteed to be some of the most explosive orgasms you’ve had (flashback)!  Aye, Aye, Aye!

Do you have any juicy tips or stories to share with us?  Comment below or submit a guest post.

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Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage – Fetish/BDSM – DVDs – Blu Ray

Babeland.com chose a lucky few “vibrator experts” to review the Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage video, so as you can imagine our excitement when we received this one!   My love for BDSM had me really excited to get started on this sex educational video. I must admit watching “instructional porn” is a turn on ;) .   It’s Sex Ed for a whole new generation.

Who’s Behind this Hot BDSM Instructional Video?

Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage is from Vivid Entertainment and Smart Ass Productions.  Directed by Tristan Taormino and written and hosted by Sex Expert and Author Midori. Sex expert Midori introduces couples to the world of adventurous sex by sharing her vast knowledge about one of the most intimate activities:  Sensual bondage. With fun, useful tips and tricks, she show’s you step-by-step how to tie up your lover to take your sexual experiences to the next level.

Sex Expert Midori is an acclaimed writer and lecturer on a wide range of sexual topics and has vast experience as a pioneering San Francisco sex educator.  A regular advice columnist for Men’s Health, Midori has appeared on HBO and BBC, and has been featured in Vogue, Playboy, Der Spiegel, Cosmo and more.  She’s also the author of two of my favorite bestselling books “The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” and “Wild Side Sex”.

This video, directed by Tristan Taormino, features dramatic role playing.

In Midori’s Guide to Sensual Bondage, each woman shares her most intimate desires, tests her own boundaries, and rides the seductive line between pleasure and pain.  The couples take charge of bringing their scenarios to life.  Watching a Taormino film you get to witness female sexuality at its most extreme: raw, rough, and real.

I studied the DVD long and “hard” and somehow managed to take notes although my eyes were glued to the TV without so much as a blink. I also made side notes on what I was planning to do with my honey.  I love being in control and he just as much loves taking commands.

Midori really knows her stuff.  A Sex expert and world-class bondage expert after my own heart and Director Tristan has gained so much respect in my eyes as a female director, she has definetly carved a niche in the industry and knows first hand how her actors feel.

Taormino is quickly changing the porn industry with her fresh approach to real women, real orgasms.  No outrageous stunts.  No degradation.  Instead, the focus is on fresh and accessible performers, hot, spontaneous sex, real chemistry and real orgasms for everyone.

Synopsis: BDSM Tips from Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage

Sex expert Midori introduces couples to the world of adventurous sex by sharing her vast knowledge about one of the most intimate activities: sensual bondage. With fun, useful tips and tricks, she’ll show you step-by-step how to tie up your lover to take your sexual experiences to the next level.

You’ll learn about:

• Communicating your desires and fantasies
• Tying someone up properly and safely
• Using scarves, neckties, belts, and everyday items for bondage
• Playing with collars, leashes, blindfolds, wrist and ankle cuffs
• Transforming your bedroom into a bondage playground
• Creating Midori’s signature “vibrator bondage harness”

Delve into the pleasures of sensual bondage as you get specific information and answers from expert and author Midori, then watch as two enthusiastic couples share the different ways you can incorporate this intimate activity into your love making.

Cast: Midori, Adrianna Nicole, Madison Young, Mark Davis, Danny Wylde

Genre: All Sex

Released: 09/2009

Studio: Vivid Entertainment Vivid Ed

Director: Tristan Taormino

Categories: Fetish BDSM

Running Time: 98 minutes

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in high definition makes it a clear crisp video.


  • Behind the scenes featurette
  • Chapter search
  • DVD-ROM Compatible
  • No regional coding
  • Previews

1st Scene – Introduction: Midori’s Bondage Workshop

I didn’t care for the promos at the beginning and quite frankly annoyed me and I quickly fast-forwared.  Midori starts the introduction by talking about why people like bondage.  She talks about the importance of communication when delving into bondage in a relationship, I personally think this is key in any couples first hand at beginner’s bondage and can make a huge difference in the experience.

She offers hot BDSM Advice Such As:

  • You should remove contacts before blindfolding someone
  • Creative suggestions for incorporating everyday household items like a simple robe tie for tying your partner.
  • Instructions for the Midori scraf harness in a hot bonus scene. (By the way, I will be mastering this technique and can’t wait to try this one out the next time around).  It’s especially a nice feature if you don’t have a trunk full of bondage tools, a simple scarf can make it just as a much a naughty bondage experience as a pair of cozy cuffs would.

She also discusses safety which is pretty important and in my sexpert opinion should go hand in hand with communication prior to the techniques.  Knowing how tight or lose your restraints or collar should be is key, and this approach can make a couple’s experience much more satisfying .  It is also one reason Midori is a class act (and not to mention makes instructional porn refreshing).

2nd Scene : Adrianna and Mark, Instructional Portion with Midori

Midori introduces bondage equipment to the couple, and both Adrianna and Mark seem engaged and enjoying each other. Midori shows Mark several bondage techniques first with scarves then with bondage restraints.  Adrianna seemed to enjoy being restrained and comfortable with taking direction.

3rd Scene: Adrianna and Mark’s Sex Scene

Mark in this scene was the Dominant or as Midori puts it the “top” and Adrianna seemed to enjoy it as the “bottom.”  It starts with Mark restraining Adrianna in a “spread eagle” format with ankle and wrist restraints with the use of bungee cords under the mattress, a tip well noted and on my BDSM to do list ;)   Mark slapping, licking and sucking her vagina til she orgasmed was quite the turn on, and I almost forgot I was taking notes.

Mark seems very turned on by pleasing her orally and made for a hotter scene.  I think Mark should make a “how to give her oral pleasure” book!  I would be the first in line to have him sign my copy.  Adrianna seemed to enjoy this, which made the act last a little longer than I would have liked, but nevertheless it was nice to see him focused on what turned her on.  He also fingered her, both anally and vaginally, and he fucked her quite hard.  She gives him head however, nothing special or worth noting.  Adrianna is quite good at playing the submissive role, and her flirtatious eyes and gazes makes the couples interaction seem more real and not acted out.  She is good at being the receiver of lots of pleasure.

4th Scene: Madison and Danny’s Sex Scene

Madison and Danny waste no time and get right to the action!  First, it starts out with Danny as Madison’s Dominant, and he’s out the gate like a pro. Madison seems to love the submissive role with her eyes closed.  There is some anal penetration which Madison seems to enjoy then roles are switched where Madison puts a blindfold on Danny and rides him like she’s on a bucking Bronco.  This couple had much hotter chemistry, and it seemed more natural.  They are a younger couple and very much into one another, which was a nice turn on.

BDSM Rating:

4 out 5 stars and well worth the purchase.

Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage, directed by Tristan Taormino, is hot in my Sexpert opinion.  Weather you’re a novice or a beginner this video is beneficial for all.  Viewers have the option of watching the scenes with instruction or without (or both, of course).  The scenes with instruction feature narration by Midori, on-screen graphics that highlight creative tips and tricks to help guide the viewer in the learning experience.

The scenes without instruction are edited more like traditional sex scenes, except with a focus on the connection between partners, female pleasure and orgasm, and sensuality.  As experienced as I am in bondage I learned a few tricks and tips myself, and watching the scenes without instructions the second time around made for a hotter “sexperience” with my honey.  I was also impressed by the toy use.  This was my favorite features for obvious reasons.  The only “buzz kill” in my opinion was the lack of scene options, I would have liked to see a few more sex scenes with hot couples but overall a definite “lust have.”

Reviewing a “How to” video was a nice break from the usual review so thank you Babeland we can’t wait for the next one. Not only educational but well thought out and executed and I look forward to more sex instructional videos from this awesome duo and Vivid Entertainment.

Sensually Yours,

Lexi B.

This product was provided to VRS free of charge by Babeland.com in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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How One Chick Rubs Her Duckie

Ok, yes, so I prejudged the I Rub My Duckie vibrator.  When I got this in the mail from Babeland I couldn’t help but smirk and say, “really, what is this?”

And yes, I was sooo wrong!  So, let me rectify this by telling you how one chick rubs her duckie (me)!  Enjoy and tell us how YOU rub your duckie.

How One Chick Rubbed Her Duckie for the First Time

I opened the packaging and scrambled in my sex toy drawer to find one half dead AAA battery.   “Oh, I guess this will do,” I told myself.

I undressed, hoped in the shower and lubed up with some Strawberry flavored Wet.

After a long hard day, I knew that at the very least, I’d probably get a nice rub down with my duckie.  Looking at the duckie, I couldn’t help but start singing to myself the Sesame Street “Rubber Duckie” song.   I turned it on.

I wasn’t sure where to start rubbing, but as soon as I turned on my rubber duckie and felt the intense vibration, I began massaging my sore back.   “Wow.  It’s pretty powerful,” I thought.  I vigorously dug into my sore shoulders, shoulder blades, and lower back.  It was the best vibrating back massage I had ever given myself.   The duck hit some nice sore spots under my shoulder blades.

Realizing the vibe was so much more intense than I thought it would be (on a half dead battery), I began massaging my neck.  As I did, I began to feel my face and lips vibrating.  Brrrrr, my lips went.

“Oohh. this is going to be fun,” I thought.

I massaged behind my ears, and my jaw.   I slid the duckie down the front of my neck and alongside my collar bones.   Down the duckie went.  My breasts needed some attention.  I rubbed the duck in circular motions around my sensitive perky breasts until I reached my nipples.   I moaned and felt my vagina throb.

I put the duck’s beak on my nipples, and thought to myself, “how much better can this get?”

Using the I Rub My Duckie Vibrator The Way It’s Really Intended

I massasaged my back some more and slowly slid the ducky to my front using the hind of the duck on my clitoris.  The intensity was just right.

I grinned and worked the ducky back and forth.  First slowly and then hurriedly.

“I love to Rub My Duckie!”

I misjudged how powerful the buzz would be on my vagina.  I continued to massage and began moaning.

I told myself, “rubber ducky you ARE the one!”

I rubbed my clitoris from all angles.  With the beak, the bottom, the duckies head, and its hind.   My favorite  by far was the duck’s hind.   After 10 minutes of my sweet body rub down, I realized I still had hair conditioner on my long black hair, but I didn’t care any longer.

As I continued rubbing my duckie and tapping it on my vagina, I couldn’t help but take my left hand and grab my left breast and then right breast super tightly.  “Ahhhh,” I moaned.

Oh, what fun in the shower with my new vibrator!

As my vulva started pulsating to the sweet vibration of my duckie, I was interrupted by a door slam…Oh, my hubby was home.

It was time to get out the shower and use the duck in bed or tell him I was ready to be taken from behind…

So Ladies, and Gents, Don’t Judge a Vibrator By Its Cover – Carefully Review and Test!

This little innocent looking duck packs a powerful orgasm if you’re a chick that likes to rub her duckie!!

You’ll get excellent shower or bath-time foreplay even on a half dead battery!

If you’re taking a bed time bath or shower, you are surely going to have sweet dreams after some bathtime fun with your new I Rub My Duckie Vibrator!   Afterall, every woman should Rub Her Duckie!  It’s a core belief Lexi and I share at VRS.

Already have the “I Rub My Duckie”? 

Tell us:  How do YOU Rub your Duckie? We’d love to hear from you!

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Heighten Your Clitoral Orgasm with Sliquid Organics

Female orgasm gels are a dime a dozen, and as a 7-year Adult Home-Party Diva, I’ve recently had the pleasure of testing the Sliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel.  I am favorably reporting back (thank you Babeland for sending this one in)!

Sliquid Organics is an all-natural arousal gel that will make the clitoris more sensitive to the touch.  Applying less than a pea-sized amount to the clitoris or your favorite vibrator will have your clitoral area feeling warm and tingly.   This one is a keeper.  As a matter of fact, it is now in my night stand, and gets used a few times a week.  It’s now one of my staple orgasm gels.

Unlike many gels or creams that have you hopping up and down like there was a fire in your panties, Sliquid’s feel is light, mildy warm to the touch, and is all-natural!  It’s formula base is listed at the bottom of this blog post, so if you are eco-conscious, you can feel safe knowing that this orgasm gel is a 100% vegan, organic formula.

A few bullet points (no pun intended) on this female orgasm gel:

  • It Enhances the sensation you’ll feel on your clitoris for better orgasms
  • Having a little Sliquid on Your Clitoris provides for slicker feel to clitoral play and will help get you more aroused (hence wetter)
  • It’s a great companion to your favorite clitoral vibrator
  • It can help women who need extra stimulation due to what I call “vibrational tolerance” (using strong vibes often)
  • It can help women with a little less desire
  • Small enough to keep in your night stand drawer, purse, glove compartment, or bathroom – this one will come in handy a few times a week
  • This female orgasm gel has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, so you know it’s a goodie!
  • No sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Glycerine and Paraben free formula
  • 100% vegan, all-natural, momma nature’s clitoral orgasm enhancer

The only small concern I can see for those women using latex condoms for protection, is that it does contain natural oils that are not latex-compatible.  No biggie though.  Sliquid Organics Stimulating “O” Gel rocks.

Sliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel Formula Base:

Purified water, Plant Cellulose (from cotton), Aloe Barbadensis*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Gum), Peppermint Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Menthol, Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Green Tea* and Sunflower Seed*

* Organic botanical extracts are independently certified by Quality Certification Services in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program.

Where Can I Purchase Sliquid Organics O Gel?

You can get Sliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel at Babeland – type “Sliquid O Gel” in the search bar.  :-)

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